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Geographic calculator 6.1 now features the Iraq Zone System.

Blue Marble Geographics announces the release of a new version of the world’s most recognized coordinate conversion software, the Geographic Calculator 6.1. Blue Marble has been writing GIS software tools and solutions for over 11 years. The calculator is used world wide by thousands of basic to advanced GIS analysts at universities, oil and gas companies, civil engineering, surveying, technology, enterprise GIS groups, and military organizations.

The Geographic Calculator is the defacto standard for coordinate conversion software in today’s GIS industry. This new version introduces the Iraq Zone coordinate system as well as new support for the Japanese Grid 2000 and the Madagascar RSO Grid. The GEOID03 Model for vertical datum transformations has been added as well as other horizontal datums including JGD2000, FD59 Datum (Final Datum 1958).

This update also introduces the Laborde Projection to the Geographic Calculator. Functional enhancements include new Rhumb line forward and inverse calculations, Orthometric Height Scale and improved AutoCAD output for point databases. Point Database windows can now be resized to make working with map files easier. Maine Coordinate System 2000 has also been added.