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Geographers can’t be astronaut candidates: NASA

US: NASA called applications for a new corps of astronauts with certain changes in the eligibility criteria. Now applicants who hold Degree in social sciences (including geography) do not need to apply.

Other degree fields which have not been considered include:
— Degrees in Technology (engineering technology, aviation technology, medical technology, etc.)
— Degrees in Psychology (except for clinical psychology, physiological psychology, or experimental psychology, which are qualifying)
— Degrees in Nursing
— Degrees in Exercise Physiology or similar fields
— Degrees in Social Sciences (geography, anthropology, archaeology, etc.)
— Degrees in Aviation, Aviation Management, or similar fields

The last time NASA chose a new group of astronaut candidates was in 2009, when nine applicants from 3,564 were selected. One can click here to find educational details of the astronaut candidates chosen in 2009, from NASA’s Web site.

NASA is accepting applications through January 27, 2012. NASA expects to announce its final selections in 2013. Several years of training will begin in August of that year for the astronauts.

Source: Washington Post