GeoFIT Americas buys Correlator3D software for UAVs

GeoFIT Americas buys Correlator3D software for UAVs


US: A subsidiary of Groupe FIT, GeoFIT Americas has bought Correlator3D software from Photogrammetry software developer, SimActive. The software will be used for image processing from UAVs in sizable mapping projects.

“With our acquisition of a high-end drone, we needed comparable software to complete our solution”, said Sylvain Laroche, Operations Director of GeoFIT Americas. “Following analysis of various solutions on the market, the SimActive product rapidly emerged as our choice.”

“Groupe FIT has been at the forefront of the European photogrammetry market for decades”, said Dr Philippe Simard, President of SimActive. “SimActive remains the only viable solution for this category, justifying the quick selection of Correlator3D™ by GeoFIT Americas.”

Source: SimActive