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ATLANTA, USA: GeoFields, Inc., a data management solutions provider for the pipeline industry, announced full ArcGIS Pipeline Data Model (APDM) support across the entire product suite. Pipeline operators can now leverage the power of GeoFields complete suite of applications while maintaining their pipeline data in version 4.0 of the model.

The APDM was specifically designed for implementation as an ESRI geodatabase, fully leveraging ESRI spatial data management functionality. Users will be able to work in a familiar geodatabase environment that takes advantage of native ArcSDE and ArcGIS technologies while enjoying the benefits of a straightforward, industry specific workflow and enhanced data integrity provided by GeoFields data management applications. The release of the full APDM suite is complementary to the GeoFields product groups already available for PODS and other industry data models.

“The sophisticated functionality of our enterprise suite, coupled with the broad foundation provided by ESRI’s geodatabase technology, help pipeline operators manage their asset data more efficiently, reducing costs and making regulatory requirements even more manageable,” said Keith Chambless, executive vice president at GeoFields. “In addition to our initial installations during the last three years, more operators are deploying GeoFields complete suite of APDM applications this year.”

“GeoFields extension of its product suite to support the APDM platform demonstrates a steadfast dedication to pipeline operators,” said Rob Brook, Pipeline and Gas Utility Industry Manger at ESRI. “ESRI has a longstanding relationship with GeoFields and we are pleased to continue this success with greater data management functionality for the pipeline industry.”

The GeoFields APDM compatible enterprise suite includes:

• DataFrame ASG
• DataFrame Data Maintenance
• Facility Explorer
• RiskFrame Analyst
• RiskFrame Data Loader
• RiskFrame Data Alignment
• RiskFrame HCA
• RiskFrame Modeler