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GeoEye’s subsidiary MJ Harden buys digital mapping camera

DULLES, Va., USA: GeoEye, Inc., provider of satellite, aerial and geospatial information, announced MJ Harden’s a subsidiary of GeoEye which offers a range of geospatial products and services to help ,develop and manage GIS has purchased of a new Intergraph Z/I Imaging Digital Mapping Camera (DMC) along with an additional aircraft, a Cessna Conquest. The digital camera is a complete imaging system that simultaneously captures black-and-white, colour, and near-infrared digital imagery with engineering-level accuracy. MJ Harden expects the new camera and aircraft to be fully operational this spring.

MJ Harden has successfully collected thousands of square miles of aerial imagery. The Cessna Conquest is a proven aircraft for aerial imagery acquisition and greatly increases MJ Harden’s collection capacity. It has a cruising speed of 360 mph, an operating ceiling of approximately 28,000 feet above sea level and a range of over 2,100 miles. Combined with its current assets, MJ Harden will have two Intergraph DMCs for aerial imagery collection, which presents more opportunity to support our customers’ needs and to pursue a wider range of projects.