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GeoEye Signs With Mitsubishi Corporation as GeoEye-1 Regional Affiliate

DULLES, Va., April 2, 2008 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — GeoEye, Inc. , a premier provider of satellite and aerial imagery and geospatial information, announced today that it has signed a multi-year agreement with Mitsubishi Corporation to allow its Regional Affiliate, Japan Space Imaging Corporation (JSI), a Mitsubishi Corporation subsidiary, to collect and sell Earth imagery and related products from the GeoEye-1 satellite. The contract was signed March 28, 2008 in Tokyo. The receiving antenna will be located in Okinawa and the processing facility will be located in Tokyo, incorporating JSI’s existing IKONOS facilities. GeoEye-1 will be the world’s highest-resolution commercial imaging satellite when it launches later this year.

“GeoEye is delighted to be extending its 10-year business relationship with Mitsubishi Corporation to the next generation of high-resolution commercial imaging systems,” said Matthew O’Connell, GeoEye’s chief executive officer and president, “Our long-standing IKONOS partnership with Mitsubishi Corporation and JSI gives us great confidence in their ability to successfully develop the commercial and government markets for GeoEye-1 in the region.”

Paolo Colombi, GeoEye’s vice president of International Sales, added, “We are very pleased that JSI will now be able to task, download, process, store and distribute imagery from GeoEye-1. Over the course of nine years of IKONOS imagery sales, we have seen continual growth in demand worldwide for high resolution geospatial information. This new state-of-the-art regional operations center will be instrumental in supplying that growing demand.”

Markets that will benefit from the industry-leading quality and accuracy of the GeoEye-1 satellite include mapping, environmental monitoring, urban planning, telecommunications, national security, infrastructure planning, disaster assessment, agriculture and forestry.

“We are very glad to enhance JSI’s pioneering imagery service with GeoEye-1, the highest resolution commercial earth observation satellite in the world,” said Masato Nagase, Deputy Division COO of Mitsubishi Corporation’s Ship, Aerospace and Transportation Systems Division, “Given JSI’s expertise and experiences through IKONOS and our 10-year relationship with GeoEye, I believe JSI can quickly start the GeoEye-1 operations that will provide the most competitive premier quality services to our customers in the Japanese marketplace.”