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GeoEye, Rolta team up to enhance market presence

Amsterdam, The Netherlands: GeoEye signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Rolta. With this new partnership, Rolta gains access to GeoEye’s high-resolution satellite imagery, services and expertise to develop innovative geospatial products and services. Rolta plans to offer these GeoEye-enabled solutions to its customers across high-growth global markets, beginning with India.

Preetha Pulusani, Rolta’s Chief Strategy Officer, said, “Rolta has been engaged in providing geospatial solutions for over two decades. Imagery plays a critical role – especially for defence and homeland security – to enable users to rapidly analyse change, visualise impacts and make informed decisions in the field in a timely manner.”

Rolta also plans to develop intelligent 3D city solutions for commercial users in urban planning, construction and infrastructure development. Ninety percent of the fastest-growing metropolitan economies are located outside North America and Western Europe and in regions such as Southern Asia. Rolta intends to offer these high-growth global markets financially accessible 3D model solutions developed from GeoEye satellite imagery.

Tony Frazier, GeoEye’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, stated, “Geospatial intelligence has become crucial to decision making. We believe that our world-class imagery, information service capabilities and expertise, coupled with Rolta’s product development and IT services track record, will produce innovative geospatial solutions that deliver clear, deep and timely insights to global government and commercial users.”

Source: GeoEye