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GeoEye appoints retired NGA executive as its director

Dulles, USA, August 14, 2007: GeoEye, producer of satellite, aerial and geospatial information, has announced the appointment of Roberta E. (“Bobbi”) Lenczowski to its Board of Directors. Ms. Lenczowski’s career as an executive of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) included most recently as NGA’s Technical Executive and West Senior Executive.
Ms. Lenczowski has more than 30 years of industry experience. In November 1977, she began her professional career with the Defense Mapping Agency, one of the component agencies forming NIMA, now NGA. After retiring, Ms. Lenczowski formed Roberta E. Lenczowski Consulting in May 2005. She currently serves as a Board Director for TechniGraphics and the Leonard Wood Institute and as an External Director for of EarthData International, Inc.
“We are delighted to have Bobbi joining our Board. Her impressive career and go-getter attitude guided her to be one of the most respected and trusted NGA leaders,” said retired Air Force Lt. Gen. James A. Abrahamson, GeoEye’s Chairman. “As an early adopter of our industry’s technology, she literally helped embed the word ‘geospatial’ into the lexicon. Her advocacy for ‘geospatial intelligence’ began with her participation in the December 1995 implementation team to create the then National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA), or what is now known as the NGA.”
“I am excited at joining GeoEye’s Board,” Ms. Lenczowski said. “As I once said in a keynote address, geographic information systems will increasingly emphasize ‘how the world works’ rather than simply ‘how the world looks.’ Over the past two years consulting within the commercial sector, I’ve served the geospatial community and to encourage the advancement of geospatial intelligence. Collaboration has always been my key strategy. As a GeoEye Board member, I will bring my expertise in building a network of effective relationships which cover the present, but branch into GeoEye’s future,” said she.
Matthew O’Connell, GeoEye’s chief executive officer, president and director said, “Bobbi’s experience as a senior intelligence official plus her deep familiarity with the geospatial industry make her the perfect addition to our board. As we move towards next year’s launch of our next-generation imaging satellite, GeoEye-1, Bobbi’s thoughtful advice and strategic counsel will help GeoEye continue to be the leader in the geospatial industry.”