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Geodetic Systems announces new photogrammetry software

Geodetic Systems, Inc. (GSI), a provider of portable 3D coordinate measurement systems for diverse industrial applications, recently announced it is shipping a new version of its metrology software — V-STARS 4.4 SR2. This updated release stacks up the enhancements in the industry-leading photogrammetry product line for high precision data acquisition. V-STARS 4.4 SR2 introduces new functionality, expanded usability features, data management tools, and more. GSI’s photogrammetry systems and the state-of-the-art INCA3 photogrammetric camera are used worldwide by leading manufacturers in aerospace, power generation, automotive, shipbuilding, space hardware, antenna, and more.

In a typical photogrammetry session, the INCA3 digital camera is used to capture photographs of large objects for in-place inspection. Users can examine the photographs visually via thumbnails and full images. The new version of V-STARS introduces a new display enhancements that match the picture thumbnails, their outline colors, and text color to the icons on the project tree. The operator can quickly review color-coded outlines to see the project status of each photograph. Another important addition to V-STARS is the Create Detail Codes option in the multi-camera mode setup. When this option is checked, any triangulated coded targets (that are not in the driver file) are added
to the detail file. This information is very useful for users to see how far a code has moved from its starting or baseline condition. For backward compatibility, the option can be deselected.