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GeoDecisions to reserve South Dakota

(Dec. 11, 2008/Harrisburg, Pa.) GeoDecisions, an information technology company specializing in geospatial solutions, is partnering with the South Dakota Department of Tourism and State Development State Historical Society (SDSHS) to develop a comprehensive business plan. The plan will guide SDSHS in increasing the efficiency of staff and improving its service to communities. It will also provide a framework to enhance the management of information in a manner that is sensitive to SDSHS’s current conditions and resources, such as budgets and staffing. The finalized plan will help SDSHS to maintain and protect South Dakota’s heritage through enhancing the management of cultural resources and education for the public.

The development of the plan involves interviewing employees of the State Historic Preservation Office, the Archaeological Research Center, and external groups such as the South Dakota Bureau of Information and Telecommunications and various contractors, all of which use cultural resource data on a daily basis. GeoDecisions has prepared similar plans for managing cultural and historical resources in Delaware and Pennsylvania.