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GeoDecisions signs contract with Spectra for GIS services

GeoDecisions, an information technology industry specializing in GIS, has been contracted by Spectra to provide GIS development services. The implementation of GIS will enable Spectra employees to export Web-based business data onto their desktops in a map format.

Spectra is a market research company that provides consumer segmentation services, data integration, and retail intelligence for the consumer-goods industry. Its high volume of market research data enables clients to target potential consumers. GeoDecisions’ GIS development services will enable Spectra employees to easily export business data into map layouts to save time and resources.

As part of this GIS development project, GeoDecisions will provide an export utility for Spectra’s InfiNet, a Web portal platform used for data reporting, to support the needs of Spectra’s business analysts. With the export feature, Spectra’s business analysts are able to easily transfer business data from the InfiNet onto their desktops for analysis and market research.

InfiNet also allows Spectra to display map layouts showing basemaps and business data, and it specifies the locations of the base data files and cosmetic features, such as titles, north arrows, legends, and scale bars.