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GeoDecisions’ location server tracks icebergs

This photo, courtesy of Greg McCullough, University of Manitoba, shows drifting icebergs from the Amundsen during research expedition.US: A joint project by geospatial solutions provider GeoDecisions, Solara Remote Data Delivery Incorporated, Canada’s Carleton University and Esri has helped a Canadian expedition team to help track icebergs. The team used GeoDecisions’ GeoILS platform to visualise, analyse, and leverage project-pertinent data in order to better understand how icebergs drift. The crew of Canadian Coast Guard Icebreaker Amundsen was led by University of Manitoba Scientist David Barber to research ice hazard mitigation, climate change effects, and polar region technology requirements.

Brian Smith, vice president of commercial solutions with GeoDecisions, says, “During the expedition, researchers and scientists used GeoILS to assess drifting through sensor monitors attached to the icebergs. In addition to reporting and notifications, GeoILS provided the project team with maps that were tailored by selecting desired iceberg information and the geographic area of interest based on user-defined criteria.”

Tom Tessier, president of Solara Remote Data Delivery Incorporated adds, “We are excited to provide tools to scientists who are gaining critical insights into the behavior of icebergs and global climate change.”

Source: GeoDecisions