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GeoDecisions completes GIS application for Hanover County, USA

Virginia, USA, 30 May 2006: GeoDecisions recently completed the Community Development and Natural Resources (CDNR) application for Hanover County, Virginia.
GeoDecisions created the Hanover County CDNR application to give county residents and building and planning officials the ability to access GIS data from their desktops. Users can also access data layers, including parcels, zoning, soils, shrinks, swells, topography, trees, fences, and buildings. The interface provides users with the ability to add additional layers, such as street names, water features, roads, parcels, and taxing boundaries, for more detailed analysis and mapping.

The CDNR application includes assessment data and search fields for a subdivision name, tax parcel number, mailing address, and property address. Once queried, the information is displayed so that users can map the selected parcel in PDF format. Users also have the ability to print the selected parcels to maintain a hard copy record of the feature. If desired, users can export the map directly into an Adobe Acrobat Reader document for later use.