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GeoDecisions acquires Kinetic Solutions

GeoDecisions that specializes in geospatial solutions, recently acquired the St. Louis-based GIS firm of Kinetic Solutions. This full service application development and data integration company specializes in GIS and delivers a broad spectrum of services including requirements analyses, application development, data conversion and migration, data integration, data hosting, and Web-based mapping solutions.

In 2004, Kinetic Solutions received the ESRI New Business Partner of the Year Award. In addition, Kinetic Solutions has the exclusive rights to the SafeCity crime mapping system and the Parolee/Probationer Mapping System. These systems were developed for the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department (SLMPD) and are now hosted by Kinetic Solutions to serve law enforcement and corrections personnel throughout the greater St. Louis metropolitan region. In 2003, the SLMPD was awarded a St. Louis Technology Award for its SafeCity Web site.

Kinetic Solutions also developed SCOUT (Special Crisis Operations for Urban Terrain), the company’s Incident Command System. SCOUT is an advanced tactical response support system originally developed as an incident planning tool to aid first responders during crisis situations. SCOUT allows tactical response commanders to efficiently visualize the exact layout of the exterior and interior of buildings in order to effectively deploy response teams to minimize harm to people and property.

GeoDecisions’ experienced staff of consultants, analysts, and developers supports clients across the United States has a fundamental approach of integration of spatial information to empower existing systems and processes.