Geodan launches the NEXT step

Geodan launches the NEXT step


Barcelona: Geodan B.V. announced the launch of Geodan NEXT INTERNATIONAL B.V. as the next step in offering its smart decision support solutions internationally. Geodan, a geospatial intelligence company, firmly believes that smarter solutions are needed to secure our quality of life. Worldwide, quality of life is seriously being threatened by the fact that the world population has grown exponentially in the last century; yet our resources are not infinite and our decisions how to deploy them are not always smart. The traditional approaches to managing resources are clearly not good enough.

Gerrit Schipper, CEO of Geodan NEXT INTERNATIONAL stated: “While technology has saved the human race time after time, we have not yet applied it to many of the problems tied to overpopulation such as consumption, changes to climate, inequality, and scarcity of resources. Communities are looking for ways to use resources more efficiently and for infrastructures that are created more effectively. Geodan NEXT will help them transform into Smart Communities that can protect and enhance the quality of life for all their constituents.”

“At Geodan NEXT we are passionate about supporting communities to become Smart Communities by using state-of-the-art geospatial intelligence.” Professor Henk Scholten, chairman of the company added. “Every day we support our customers in complex geo-related issues by providing advisory services, smart decision support solutions and education; helping them to create a more efficient world”

Geodan NEXT services are applied to areas such as Smart City, Smart Mobility, Smart Energy and applications around Urban Planning, Stakeholder Collaboration, Incident Management, Asset Planning & Management, Common Operational Picture and Decision Support.

Source: Geodan Next