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GeoCore integrates with GPS-Photo Link

Maine, US: Blue Marble Geographics announced that Geospatial Experts has integrated GeoCore into their flagship product GPS-Photo Link. The GPS-Photo Link, a PC-based software, allows users to map their photographs, generate watermarked photos and create customisable reports to share information. Functionality can be accessed through an ArcGIS extension or as a standalone product. The new version 5.0 outputs to ESRI Enterprise Geodatabase, Access files and PDF files as well as ESRI Shapefiles, Google Earth, MSWord and Web pages available in previous versions.

Integrated tools licensed from Blue Marble enable GPS-Photo Link users to convert coordinate points to and from any map projection and datum. Blue Marble GeoCore is a geospatial data translation toolkit that supports coordinate, geometry, vector, CAD, raster and LiDAR data. GeoCore gives software developers the ability to embed accurate coordinate transformation methods within any custom GIS software programme.
“We need to provide extensive datum and projection support for our GPS-Photo Link customers”, said Rick Bobbitt, President of GeoSpatial Experts. “Some of our users have unique requirements such as the National Parks Service in Alaska and our international customers, and we need to provide them with high accuracy transformations. We chose to use Blue Marble GeoCore because it is the industry leader for datum and projection calculations.”

Adam Hill, Account Manager at Blue Marble Geographics, said, “In leveraging GeoCore, GeoSpatial Experts will be providing reliable coordinate transformation and GIS data conversion functionality directly to their end users. Bringing GeoSpatial Experts on, as a core customer of our technology is another testament to the spectrum of industries that Blue Marble technology spans (that is, oil and gas, mining, government, engineering and GIS/GPS software providers, etc.).”

Source: Blue Marble Geographics