GeoConnections contracts PCI Geomatics

GeoConnections contracts PCI Geomatics


Richmond Hill, Canada, September 10, 2007: PCI Geomatics, developer of image-centric software and solutions for the geospatial industry, announced it has been awarded a contract with GeoConnections to develop innovative technology for the Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure (CGDI).

GeoConnections is a national program led by Natural Resources Canada that collaborates with a range of public and private sector organizations to expand and enhance the CGDI, an on-line resource that enables decision-makers to access, combine, and share geospatial information over the internet and gain new insights into social, environmental, and economic issues.

The project will upgrade the PCI commercial Web Coverage Server (WCS) OGC 1.0 compliant technology to the OGC WCS 1.1 specification and will develop an “Image Correction Appliance” to orthorectify satellite imagery and publish the images via the WCS specification. Project collaborators include Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) and Public Safety Canada. The upgraded software offering will enhance the CGDI by allowing users with similar needs to those of project collaborators to more easily contribute WCS services into the CGDI network.

Additionally, the project will develop an innovative capability to automatically correct satellite imagery anywhere in Canada, using existing GeoBase data as control, allowing organizations to publish data to national standard-level accuracy without in-house expertise.

“The result of this project will mean increased productivity, cost savings and increased turn-around time for the delivery of best available situational awareness knowledge derived from satellite imagery in a highly reliable and efficient manner,” said David Stanley, Chief Technology Officer at PCI Geomatics.