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GeoConcept SA provides core security technology for the next G8 summit

GeoConcept SA, European in GIS, announces that it will provide a GIS client/server intranet solution for the command post of France’s gendarmerie. The solution will give security forces immediate and complete views of the theatre of operations and enable them to obtain, analyze and distribute in real-time the ground information recorded by police. GeoConcept system officers based in the police command post will at any given moment, be able to use GPS to identify the positions of vehicles and security forces, and assess their deployment tactics and logistics based on the information they receive. The clear overall picture made available to police means that they can take immediate and appropriate action over any incidents that occur, such as a demonstration or threat of attack. This GeoConcept solution is a package of three complementary tools that work together with total interoperability; a geographic information system (GeoConcept GIS), an electronic document management solution, and a state-of-the-art messaging service. Designed to be extremely easy to use, the solution can be rolled out in a matter of days and mastered in an equally short space of time by all required users.

GeoConcept’s knowledge of the defence and security sector has been particularly valuable in the design and implementation of this solution. The company has already supplied the French Ministry of Defence with a large number of applications, as well as providing systems for the French fire service. The scope of the G8 platform designed by GeoConcept SA for the French gendarmerie makes it a showcase for the company in the area of homeland defence. GeoConcept SA has already been asked to provide a similar solution for the D-Day anniversary event in June 2004. The French gendarmerie imposed three main requirements in the call for proposals. These were: Reliable and flexible technology, excellent knowledge of the needs of the security and defence environment and fast deployment of the solution. GeoConcept SA was chosen as the provider that best met these requirements.