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GeoConcept SA announces new version of GeoConcept Pocket mobile GIS solution

GeoConcept SA, European firm in GIS, announced the availability of GeoConcept Pocket 2.0, a new mobile application solution. GeoConcept Pocket 2.0 provides sharp, detailed images that can be modified and enriched to meet user requirements at any level. It allows the user to synchronize easily and in real time with the central workstation and applications including databases.

GeoConcept Pocket is a good solution for mobile workers who require the most up-to-date information, particularly in the areas of cadastral management, urban utility network design and maintenance, road maintenance, industrial and commercial logistics, and management of mobile sales teams. The new version of GeoConcept Pocket also gives detailed cartographic information for the whole of Europe (via Navtech).

The Services Industriels de Genève (Geneva’s utility services company) has employed GeoConcept Pocket for use in maintaining utility networks and pipelines. Firefighters from the Var region in France now use GeoConcept Pocket when fighting forest fires. The solution provides firefighters with extra intelligence such as the scale and direction of a fire, allowing them to make informed decisions and thereby creating a safer work environment.

The new features incorporated into the latest version of GeoConcept Pocket can lead to increased productivity and enable mobile and office-based users to work on one project or field of study at the same time whilst adapting to each individual user’s needs. Roads, networks, places of interest, road works and areas used to conduct surveys can all be created, modified or deleted on the embedded screen with no need to update details on the central workstation. GeoConcept Pocket now features a view handler and each map can display the user’s required level of detail. Substantial progress has also been made in facilitating projects involving more than one user. GeoConcept Pocket ensures data is easily and accurately transferred between the user’s PDA and a central computer.

GeoConcept data is uploaded to GeoConcept Pocket before it is put to use remotely, and data is then directly transferred with no loss of information. Any new data entered remotely is automatically transferred via GIS to the PC. The ease of communication between the mobile worker and the central computer means project work is easier and can be completed more quickly. GeoConcept Pocket can be personalized and programmed according to the user requirements, thanks to an enhanced user kit that gives the user around 150 further functions, including virtual layers and distance calculation. The kit is based on the C++ programming language, and offers great flexibility to developers creating their own mobile cartographic application.