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GeoConcept SA and VOXCO enable call centres to combine benefits of telemarketing and GIS

GeoConcept SA, European leader in geographical information systems and VOXCO, specialist software publisher and service provider for market research and call centres, have announces a new software solution for the telemarketing and call centre sectors.

GeoConcept has enhanced VOXCO¹s software solutions with its expert geographic data-handling software, GeoConcept G5. The GeoConcept-VOXCO partnership provides intelligent handling of geographical information. This solution means business services can save time and access better information when arranging meetings and visits or scheduling appointments.

GeoConcept software allows the user to view the most suitable meeting availability in real-time, and takes into account the logistics of organizing a potential meeting. On a more commercial level, GeoConcept¹s geomarketing solutions give detailed analysis of potential new business, sales outlets and sales force distribution. This means businesses can divide areas of commercial activity into the most appropriate categories.

The new solution offers significant advantages to the user, notably that the telephone operator saves time, the sales force is more efficiently deployed, and there is better quality customer relationship management (CRM).

GeoConcept unveiled the new solution at the European call centre forum held at Paris Expo ­ Porte de Versailles on Thursday May 30.