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GeoConcept provides new slope information service for La Plagne ski resort

GeoConcept, European leader in geographical information systems (G.I.S.), has been chosen by the Development Committee for the region of La Plagne to provide a novel information
service on ski slopes in the area. The service, GeoStation, was developed in collaboration with Orodia, a company specializing in digital use of photogrammetry (3D aerial photography) and global positioning systems (GPS).

GeoStation gives real-time, detailed information on what is happening on the slopes, thus enabling resort managers to make swift decisions to ensure skiers enjoy maximum comfort, safety and satisfaction. For example, resort staff can see immediately if snow cannons are needed
to increase snow volume on the slopes, when to send out skidozers to prepare pistes, or if there is risk of an avalanche and pistes need to be closed. The dynamic 3D module creates a spectacularly realistic virtual view of the slopes, incorporating up-to-date details of the landscape. Real-time maps showing the current status of La Plagne’s pistes will soon be available to the general public via the Internet.

This new system meets the needs of La Plagne¹s staff to access comprehensive information on ski slopes including the topographical layout, amenities and vegetation. It is also important to ensure the public are given as much information as possible. This has been achieved by offering detailed maps of the area. The La Plagne Development Committee selected the GeoConcept solution from a number of options as it met all requirements and was also extremely easy to

The cartographic database used for mapping was created from a series of digitalized aerial photographs of the area. This database was incorporated into the GeoConcept G.I.S. and then configured and upgraded by Orodia. The system works on a client/server architecture
with an administrator trained on GeoConcept G.I.S. Each layer of information is available on the client machine, for example snow coverage, ski-lift opening times, or piste preparation for a
particular area.