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GeoConcept GIS solution gives way to manage space and infrastructure data

GeoConcept SA, GIS, announces the worldwide availability of GeoConcept Edilis 6.5, an intelligent space and infrastructure management solution designed for local authorities, engineers, and surveyors. The user-friendly solution provides simple and detailed display of transport and power networks, local infrastructure, and undeveloped land. This enables better day-to-day management, maintenance, prospection, as well as management of works and network extensions. GeoConcept Edilis 6.5 was developed by GeoConcept SA’s Swiss subsidiary, GeoConcept International Software SA (Switzerland). GeoConcept SA is selling the solution worldwide.

GeoConcept Edilis 6.5 brings three new functions to add to the already comprehensive solution:
* A module for managing electricity and telecommunications: this module means different electricity and telecommunications networks, including street lighting locations, can be viewed by the position of tubes, cross-sections, and particular network characteristics.

* GeoConcept Edilis 6.5 further enhances wastewater management and simplifies the task of dealing with blocked water filtering stations. GeoConcept Edilis 6.5 gives the user a clear display of water networks, and helps the user plan work and extensions for the most effective results. .

* GeoConcept Edilis’ Route module has been enhanced to offer roads signs and marking management. This can be used in the maintenance of traffic signs and road markings, as well as to plan the positioning of new ones.