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GeoBolivia offers four informational publications

GeoBolivia offers to its users four informational publications, which are available in the Publications section of the website. It is possible to find their contents summarized briefly down below:

How to work with GeoBolivia? The focus of this document is presenting the two ways through which a geographic information generating institution (public or private) may interact with GeoBolivia to publish its data and finally be part of the SDI-EPB.

Simbology and Cartographic Style: Aims to introduce the reader the perspective that all geographic objects represented by symbols to be generated in the most appropriate manner, along the lines of graphic semiology and using the most appropriate tools (free software).

Metadata: This file seeks to address the institutions needs among the Plurinational State of Bolivia to describe, catalog and disseminate geographic information generated by introducing the reader in the first instance about metadata, its benefits and easily to use.

Advices for producing geographic information: This document will provide the public and/or private institutions a quick guide to evaluate a cartographic product based on the nine recommendations from the international standard ISO (19100), for the product count with minimum features in order to be managed by an SDI or desktop applications.

If you want to access mentioned publications, visit the Publicaciones section of Geobolivia”s website (https://geo.gob.bo/?Publicaciones).

Source: Geobolivia