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GeoBolivia launches tool to report emergencies

With the recent disaster situations crossed by Bolivia, a result of consistent rains in recent months, GeoBolivia made available to the general public a tool to generate reports of emergencies (floods and landslides) in a simple and friendly way. Under the name USHAHIDI, this tool allows geographically locate events that arise in a particular territory (urban or rural), based on a satellite image of good resolution and a form where the events reported can be register with the possibility to include links to news, photos and videos.

Each report is stored in a database and can be downloaded for further treatment, for example in a GIS, among others. By accessing the website (https://uc.geo.gob.bo/) any person may report an event in a few easy steps: locating it on the map, classifying it as flood or landslide, linking a photo or video and finally sending the report.

Source: GeoBolivia