‘GeoBIM is the future’

‘GeoBIM is the future’


New Delhi: The first plenary of the Geo Build Infrastructure held discussions on Building Information Modelling (BIM). Sunil Joshi, Associate VP, Neilsoft said, “BIM is about collaborating work, people, places and process.” He gave a brief overview of BIM explaining its uses and applications and various stakeholders who embraced the technology. He gave various examples of the projects undertaken by the company where BIM was used; a tunnel project in Sweden, for the development of 375 hectares of warehouse and logistic park in Bhiwandi, for completion of a construction project in flat three months.

Jay Shah, Director, Access Architects, Mumbai said that there is nothing like 100% BIM. He gave examples of certain projects undertaken by the company in Mumbai which took the advantage of BIM. Building information modelling helped the company in designing projects in a more optimal fashion. “With BIM you start taking early decisions, right at the concept of design,” he said.

Dr Zaffar Sadiq Mohamed-Ghouse, Principal Consultant, GHD, Australia talked about the spatial enablement of BIM. He said BIM is all about how one uses the information for being productive and smart. Achieving more with less should be the goal, he said. With various examples he highlighted how geo-design is being used not only for the design process but also for the stakeholder engagement, participation of users etc. He concluded by saying that building a positive and enduring spatial earth can be achieved by integration.

Source: Our Correspondent