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GeoAnalytics and C&C Solutions complete enterprise GIS plan for FL DEH

GeoAnalytics, Inc., the providers of GIS/LIS technology and management consulting, and business partner C&C Solutions have completed a five-year strategic plan for the implementation of an Enterprise GIS (EGIS) for the Florida Department of Health – Division of Environmental Health (DEH).

The plan’s goal is to implement an enterprise class GIS/GPS system and program that is coordinated and collaborative within the Division and across the Department. The future EGIS will make available geographic data and application services that efficiently and effectively support the vision, business, and decision-making needs of all agency business units and external constituents.

GeoAnalytics and C&C Solutions provided an upfront assessment of current agency conditions to clarify business needs, new objectives, and expectations for GIS/GPS implementation, integrated systems, and end-user applications. Based on those findings, the GeoAnalytics team facilitated a workshop of key stakeholders to build consensus around a conceptual design for a future Division EGIS. The final project phase involved developing a roadmap for implementing the conceptual design by outlining a set of tactical initiatives including associated costs and timeframes for completion.