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Geo-info gives billion dollar boost to NZ economy

New Zealand: In New Zealand, it is estimated that the use of geospatial information adds more than USD 1 billion a year to the national economy, and there remains significant opportunity for additional financial and non-financial productivity benefits.
“Geospatial research is a key contributor to New Zealand’s economic growth and is set to contribute even more in the future,” said University of Canterbury’s (UC) Dean of Science, Professor Wendy Lawson. “It has a very significant role to play in the rebuilding of Christchurch and has applications in a range of areas that impact on all New Zealanders.”
To strengthen the geospatial education system and exploit the opportunities in geospatial industry, the UC officially became the first New Zealand university to partner with Australia’s Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information (CRCSI) at a function hosted by the New Zealand’s Minister of Science and Innovation, Hon Dr Wayne Mapp.
Australia’s cooperative research centres are part of an Australian federal government programme which brings together researchers from universities, government organisations, private industry and public sector agencies to achieve real outcomes of economic and social significance.
The spatial information industry is a component of the broader information technology sector and has scientific and technical links to all other disciplines such as environmental science, engineering, computer science, health delivery, logistics, planning, resource management and electronics.
The new strategic partnership between the UC and the CRCSI will provide a New Zealand hub for analysis and research on geospatial information and its applications, including in the health sector, in hazard management, and in urban planning – including the Christchurch rebuild.
The New Zealand node of CRCSI was established last year, with LINZ (Land Information New Zealand) as New Zealand’s “anchor” government participant.
Source: Voxy.co.nz