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Geo-Immersion enables real-time mapping

US: Cyrus Shahabi, a scientist at the University of Southern California’s (USC) Integrated Media Systems Center (IMSC), developed an innovative computing concept called “Geo-Immersion” that blends the real and virtual worlds together. It enables human being’s ability to capture, model and integrate real-world data into a geo-realistic virtual replica of the world for immersive data access, querying and analysis.
“The idea was to capture a real world environment and then render it virtually so it feels like you are in that area. So you are immersed in that geographical area as if you are in the real world,” said Shahabi who also serves as the Director of USC-IMSC. According to Shahabi, what makes Geo-Immersion unique is its capability to mesh existing information databases and social networks, and integrate them with maps. Geo-Immersion is the foundation of several applications Shahabi has in the works. One of them is called the “clever transportation” project.
Using Geo-Immersion, Shahabi also developed another prototype application called iCampus. It gives users on the USC campus real-time locations of their Facebook and Twitter friends as well as a look at building floor plans and energy usage inside campus buildings.
In addition, one more application through Geo-Immersion, called iWatch, could also benefit law enforcement as an enhanced surveillance tool. It includes facial detection ability that can follow a person from location to location.
All of the Geo-Immersion applications are bringing the virtual and actual world a little closer together.
Source: NSF