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Geo Fact Finder enhances capability of Mapfluence

US: Developers at Urban Mapping have created Bing-based Geo Fact Finder to illustrate the capabilities of Mapfluence, a mapping platform; according to Chris Pendleton, Technical expert of Bing Maps at Microsoft Corporation. Mapfluence simplifies and speeds up the development and deployment of sophisticated online mapping applications by providing infrastructure and data.

Geo Fact Finder showcases a broad collection of data that Urban Mapping maintains in its data catalogue. This site shows the possibility using Urban Mapping’s API, primarily using Javascript. Through Geo Fact Finder, Mapfluence allows developers to make queries to support visualisation (thematic mapping, heat mapping, etc.) and data queries (spatial joins, sorts and other number-crunching activities). What is important is that it also comes pre-configured with data on-demand: the application includes over fifteen distinct data themes that include several dozen specific variables.

Themes include air quality, tornadoes, hurricanes, precipitation, temperature, transportation infrastructure, educational performance, cost of living, unemployment rates, residential and business vacancy rate, voter turnout, demographics, sales and income tax rates and consumer expenditures. This represents a massive amount of data that Urban Mapping sources and maintains, making it easy for developers to use their Javascript API. Geo Fact Finder is designed to show off some cool visualisations of data and more applications are coming soon.

Source: Bing