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Genscape, DigitalGlobe publish infrastructure development report

US: Genscape, a pioneer in sophisticated and patented energy monitoring technology, and DigitalGlobe (DGI), launched their new jointly produced Energy Infrastructure Development Report. Published monthly, each report features high-resolution imagery of key energy production and distribution facilities worldwide, captured by DigitalGlobe’s leading constellation of satellites. In addition, each report includes expert analysis of the imagery from Genscape and the DigitalGlobe Analysis Center, pointing out the status of operations at existing facilities and providing updates on construction and equipping of facilities under construction.

This unique combination of imagery and insight gives analysts in global energy markets unprecedented access to empirical data for a wide range of infrastructure assets, including storage tanks, rail, truck and marine terminals, pipelines, pumping stations, refineries, fractionators, and more. Further, by detailing how these assets impact and connect to existing systems and functions, the reports help analysts objectively determine when new capacity is coming online and at what flow rates.

“By deploying sophisticated satellite tracking in combination with deep expertise in large-cap energy construction projects, this new service provides energy analysts with a level of market transparency never before seen,” said Chris Sternberg, managing director at Genscape. “It’s a bright light in what was a dark room.”

“This is going to revolutionize how energy tracking, reporting and analysis turns into actionable insight,” said Stephen Wood, senior vice president at DigitalGlobe. “For the first time, energy market participants will have direct access to objective, midstream production data for facilities regardless of the facility’s location. With our unique ability to capture data from anywhere on the planet, we can give every trader and analyst the information edge they need, regardless if the project is half way across the country, or half way across the world.”

Source: DailyMarkets