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GenaWare announce the planned release of Where2Ware

GenaWare announced the release of its Where2Ware suite of developer tools. Where2Ware provides a development platform for customers, systems integrators and product software companies who wish to embed geo-processing functionality into existing or planned enterprise-wide IT systems. Where2Ware will be released in Q3, 2003 and supports Open GIS Consortium standards.
The Where2Ware product suit is a collection of fundamental software components that emanate from the world-proven GIS package GenaMap. GenaWare have re-engineered the GenaMap functionality so that it is better suited to software engineers and have also extended and optimised the functionality to better suit the web based deployment model.
Where2Ware services are deployed with a single common, architecture that supports a wide range of spatial and aspatial data, communication and processing interfaces including JAVA, .NET, XML, HTTP and CORBA.