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Genasys announces availability of GenaMap 9 Beta

GenaWare, a Genasys company has announced the availability of GenaMap 9 Beta premiering new features that improve map visualization, speed application development, and implement industry standards for greater flexibility. The new java renderer enables the enhanced display of maps and images providing intelligent text display and an extensive set of icons while the added capability for antialiasing generates cleaner, more attractive maps. Other features include native support for Microsoft Windows, read ability for DWG format files, and the implementation of the JDBC standard for database access offering streamlined performance and maintenance. Version 9 is the product of customer feedback collected soon after Genasys took over the management of Sydney based GenaWare Pty Ltd in late 2004. The management and processing of large amounts of data has long been GenaMap’s key strength and highly valued by our clients. With version 9, the focus has shifted to usability and convenience factors that enhance the user experience and create added value. The beta release is only available to current GenaMap beta tester clients with the generally available release due in April. About Genasys: In 1994 Genasys was founded with the mission to develop innovative and intelligent geospatial solutions for the global telecomunications market. Working from extensive experience in professional services and product development, the Genasys team is proud of the relationships it has built with its clients and of the challenges inherent in the goal of conistently exceeding expectations in every project they complete. In 2004, Genasys merged with GenaWare, the Sydney based creators of the GenaMap spatial database management system.