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G/Electric enables JiangXi Power Electric’s Integrated workflows

Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions, Shanghai Office, announced that JiangXi Power Electric has purchased G/Electric, Intergraph’s next-generation AM/FM/GIS technology for electric utilities. JiangXi Power is headquartered in Nanchong City and is one of four provinces that form the Central China region. JiangXi Power operates a powerful transmission and distribution grid that covers approximately 160,000 sq. kilometers.

With G/Electric and its Web-enabling component, JiangXi Power will be able to geospatially depict the province-wide electric network using various standard map scales as well as efficiently manage and maintain all pertinent information about the power grid. Additionally, JiangXi Power Electric will:

· Establish a standard platform to achieve an integrated workflow and enterprisewide data access via the company intranet
· Make use of the user-friendly interface to create and support efficient workflows
· Establish an open, scalable system to meet business needs related to planning, production and operations activities
· Build a core geospatial foundation to facilitate integration with legacy and planned systems, such as dispatch and GPS

The project is expected to be complete in six months.

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