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GE to Supply Computing Subsystems for UK Army’s Scout Vehicles

UK: GE Intelligent Platforms has won a series of contracts to supply embedded computing subsystems for installation on the UK Army's scout specialist vehicle (SV) platforms.

Awarded by General Dynamics (GD) UK, the EURO 64 million contracts cover the supply of a range of embedded computing subsystems, including Ethernet switches, gateway processors and data and video servers, which is believed to form the backbone of the SV electronics architecture. The Ethernet switch is expected to connect networked elements of the vehicle, while the gateway processor provides the GD software with the processing capability needed to run the platform. Data and video servers will enable the vehicle to store and distribute vehicle and scenario data and video around the platform and into the wider connected battlefield. The scalable, open architecture subsystems delivered under the contract will facilitate easy upgrade of Scout SV vehicles during their lifetime. Developed on a highly adaptable and capable common base platform, Scout SV is expected to offer enhanced intelligence, surveillance, protection, target acquisition and reconnaissance capabilities, as well as a highly effective 40mm cannon.

Source: Army technology