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ESRI has announced that new commercial data from Geographic Data Technology Canada, (GDT-Canada), has been added to its online collection of downloadable data sets.

Visitors to the data section of ESRI’s Web site (www.esri.com/data) can now access and download user-defined areas of a special Internet-optimized version of GDT-Canada’s Dynamap Canada database containing detailed street and address coverage along with postal and census information, landmarks, and water features.
The GDT-Canada is the newest addition to a collection of popular geographic data sets available to download from the ESRI Web site, including GDT street data for the United States. With each of the downloadable data sets, users may preview the data online through dynamic maps and then order and download the data to their local computer within minutes.
GDT-Canada continually updates information throughout Canada using a variety of source materials. As GIS technicians collect data around the country, they focus on newly developed areas to ensure the most up-to-date coverage. With each release, technicians also expand attribution on existing database features to provide complete and current information for use within a variety of applications.
GDT-Canada products are fully compatible with U.S. data products from Geographic Data Technology, Inc. (GDT), offering users a robust North American and cross-border data solution. GDT data is used for routing, Web mapping, emergency response, in-car navigation, site selection, risk analysis, facilities management, and a host of other applications.