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GDT-Canada releases seventh consecutive quarterly data

Geographic Data Technology Canada, a developer of map databases, announced the release of new Dynamap street and address databases featuring increased street and address coverage and enhanced positional accuracy across Canada. Enhancements and additions to Dynamap Canada v. 7.2 bring the database’s total coverage to more than 1 million named road segments with address coverage for cities and towns with populations as low as 700. The release also includes additional block-face address accuracy updates to augment the positional accuracy of Vancouver, Calgary, Windsor and the Greater Toronto Area. The release also features enhanced positional accuracy of Ottawa-Hull and MontrĂ©al. In addition to new street and address information and enhanced positional accuracy, Dynamap Canada Transportation v. 7.2 features Arterial Classification Codes, length, speed (km/h), cost, and relative end elevation information for every segment in Canada. More than 100,000 road segments now include one-way attribution to provide better performance in routing itineraries. Using aerial imagery, GDT-Canada has positionally enhanced the accuracy of nearly 75,000 KMs to within 12 metres to better model real-world conditions. GDT-Canada now consistently achieves accuracy levels of less than 12 metres, with most areas achieving accuracy of 4 to 6 metres. In addition, the Dynamap Canada context layers continue to be expanded to include land use and landmark information outside of major city centres. “With this release, GDT-Canada has verified and enhanced positional and block-face address accuracy throughout the most populous regions of Canada to provide unparalleled performance in routing and geocoding applications,” said John Cassidy, director of the business GIS market for GDT.