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GDT-Canada releases Dynamap® Canada Transportation

Geographic Data Technology Canada, a developer of premier map databases, today announced the release of Dynamap Canada Transportation, the company’s first routable Canadian street and address database product.

The Dynamap Canada Transportation product is designed for use in applications requiring routing, dispatch, navigation and itinerary generation. Dynamap Canada Transportation combines robust routing attributes, full geocoding functionality and attractive map display.
With detailed ramp structures, physical turn restrictions, one-way streets, and multicarriageway highway representation, the database offers exceptional routing functionality. GDT-Canada’s unique Arterial Classification Codes (ACCs) allow for routing algorithms based on the type of roadway to enhance the accuracy and reliability of generated routes. The seamless nationwide routing network also provides calculated speeds, segment impedance information, and Primary Routing Names (PRNs) for improved routing algorithms and itinerary generation.

Dynamap Canada Transportation is the ideal street and address foundation for applications such as mobile commerce, proximity searches, location-based services, concierge or guardian services, fleet logistics, routing, vehicle dispatch, and Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL). As with all GDT-Canada products, Dynamap Canada Transportation offers full coverage of Canadian provinces and territories and is fully compatible with U.S. data products from GDT to provide a robust North American data solution.