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GDT-Canada releases Dynamap Canada CompuStreets, v. 6.0

Geographic Data Technology Canada, a developer of premier map databases, today announced the release of Dynamap Canada CompuStreets v. 6.0 featuring increased street and address coverage and enhanced positional accuracy across Canada.

Enhancements and additions to Dynamap Canada CompuStreets v. 6.0 bring the database’s total coverage to nearly 1 million named road segments with coverage for cities and towns with populations of 1500 and above. The release also includes representation of both directions of travel for major highways across the country.

Using aerial imagery, GDT-Canada has positionally enhanced the accuracy of the greater Vancouver area to 12 meters or less to better model real-world conditions. In addition, context layers have been expanded to include land use and landmark information outside of major city centers. Dynamap Canada CompuStreets includes updates to institutions, recreation areas, parks and public safety point layers within the top 45 major cities within Canada. Institution, park, recreation area, retail and general land use polygon layers have been updated for Charlottetown, Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, and Red Deer. Points representing national parks are included for each province and territory.

GDT-Canada products offer full coverage of Canadian provinces and territories and are fully compatible with U.S. data products from GDT, offering users a robust North American data solution.