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GDT-CANADA announces release of newest versions of Dynamap Canada And Dynamap Canada transportation

Geographic Data Technology Canada (GDT-Canada), a developer of map databases, today announced the release of Dynamap Canada v. 6.2 and Dynamap Canada Transportation v. 6.2. The latest releases of GDT-Canada’s street and address databases offer new road segments to expand the products’ population coverage, improved positional accuracy, and new context layers.

Dynamap Canada provides detailed street and address coverage supplemented with landmark and other context layers from coast to coast in Canada. Dynamap Canada Transportation includes robust routing attributes in addition to the geocoding and map display functionality of Dynamap Canada.

The new releases of the two products include additional street and address information throughout Canada and improved positional accuracy in the greater Vancouver area based on high quality imagery sources. GDT-Canada has added coverage for 84 towns and separated highways throughout Canada have been enhanced to represent both directions of travel to allow for greater accuracy in routing applications and better visual display of maps.

Context layers such as parks, airports, hospitals, and educational institutions have been expanded to include additional information outside of city centres. Former land use and landmark clarifications have been redefined to provide greater detail for users and most areas are represented as polygons for better visual appeal.