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GDT And Universal Map create new paradigm for map production

Geographic Data Technology, Inc., a developer of premier map databases, and Universal
Map, a provider of geographic information and mapping solutions, announced a partnership to share map resources for the benefit of paper and digital map users. The agreement will combine GDT’s comprehensive and highly accurate map information with Universal Map’s cartographic expertise to create a new paradigm for map production. Under the terms of the agreement, GDT and Universal Map will share map resources for use in both companies’ products. Universal Map currently provides one of the most extensive lists of U.S. travel products available and is the premier publisher of city maps and large format wall maps for the United States. It also produces an annual road atlas series and educational resources and provides customized mapping services for businesses and consumers. Its proprietary SmartMaps web-based mapping solutions can deliver geographic data to the web quickly and dynamically, ready for viewing by any standard browser. GDT is a provider of digital map data for use in a variety of markets and applications including location-based services, telematics,
insurance, utilities, telecommunications, government, and web and consumer mapping. The agreement allows GDT to use Universal Map’s library of map resources to augment its North American digital map database while Universal Map will enhance GDT’s extensive geographic database for the creation of new paper and digital map products.
The map resources gathered by Universal Map are extensive and will allow us to enhance the coverage of landmarks and points of interest.