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GDS-Data Bridge from AED-SICAD

AED-SICAD’s strategic orientation includes the development of a new generation of solutions based on ArcGIS technology as well as the integration of existing SICAD applications in the ArcGIS environment. For this purpose AED-SICAD offers GDS-Data Bridge, a new product, which enables the user to work with the same up-to-date data in SICAD as well as in ArcGIS. Data, which were captured and managed with SICAD, are hence also available for ArcGIS based viewing applications. GDS-Data Bridge performs a continuous transfer of SICAD data into the secondary data set within the ArcGIS geodatabase. With a sound know-how of both data models as well as the GDS-Data Bridge product, AED-SICAD disposes of the necessary competencies to guarantee a parallel use of SICAD and ArcGIS.

Currently, numerous administrations and corporations are using at the same time applications based on SICAD/open and on ArcGIS. AED-SICAD now provides benefits for the users by integrating both system environments. Users capture and manage the data with SICAD based applications, whereby first users are already working with the new AED-SICAD applications based on ArcGIS technology in the fields of data capture and analysis. The necessary link are the data which the GDS-Data Bridge is now also utilizing as secondary data in ArcGIS – in the same up-to-date quality.

GDS-Data Bridge can be set up according to the user’s requirements. During parallel operation of both systems it guarantees that the current database can be continuously at disposition on the existing SICAD platform as well as in the new AED-SICAD solutions based on ArcGIS and the entire GIS is in productive use. Here, GDS-Data Bridge also acts as control and workflow system which manages the automatic differential updates.

AED-SICAD customizes the configuration of the GDS-Data Bridge together with the user according to his specific infrastructure in terms of hard- and software, in such a way as to reach an optimal integration into the respective project. Likewise, AED-SICAD configures the display of the target data after the user’s ideas.

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