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GD PRC-155 Radios Make Long-Distance Transmission Using MUOS Satellites

US: General Dynamics (GD) C4 Systems' AN/PRC-155 two-channel Manpack radios have demonstrated their ability to successfully close a communications gap between two talk groups located 2,000m apart. The successful PRC-155 radio-channels transmission bridged the line-of-sight rifleman radio and single-channel ground and airborne radio system (SINCGARS) to the orbiting mobile-user objective system (MUOS) satellites.

"With the success of this demonstration, General Dynamics successfully demonstrated the promise of the MUOS satellite communications system using PRC-155 manpack radios. The demonstration also successfully showed how dismounted soldiers, separated by thousands of miles, can use the PRC-154A Rifleman handheld radios and connect through PRC-155 manpack radios at the platoon level and below. The soldiers can talk to another and share data with the ease of civilians who enjoy using their cell phones to call friends and family anywhere in the world,” said Chris Marzilli, General Dynamics C4 System President. During the demonstration, operators in Massachusetts, US, equipped with PRC-154A Rifleman radios, formed a talk group using the soldier radio waveform (SRW), with a two-channel PRC-155 manpack radio as its member. The PRC-155 radio seamlessly bridged the SRW communications on one channel to the MUOS frequency that was required to connect with the on-orbit MUOS satellites.

The resulting voice and data communications hopped from the manpack radio on the ground in Taunton, UK, to the satellite and back to the ground in Phoenix, Arizona, US, before connecting to a second PRC-155 radio. The second radio then bridged the MUOS communications on one channel to the SINCGARS frequency. This formed a connection with the second dismounted talk group using SINGCARS radios, creating a real-time satellite communications 'radio check' voice conversation that was loud and clear among the radio operators at both locations.

In December 2013, the PRC-155 became the first radio to successfully complete secure voice and data calls from Alaska and the Arctic Circle using the MUOS waveform to connect with the MUOS satellite and ground communications network.

Source: General Dynamics