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Garmin releases Palm OS Aviation GPS handheld

US-based Garmin has introduced the iQue 3600a, claimed to be the first Palm Powered aviation device that is ready to navigate right out of the box. The iQue 3600a package includes an innovative yoke-mounted cradle as well as built-in basemap, terrain, obstacle and Jeppesen databases.

In addition to the aviation aspects, the device features all of the automotive turn-by-turn capabilities and personal information management (PIM) applications of Garmin’s popular iQue product line.

The iQue 3600a has a patented GPS antenna design that folds discreetly into the back of the unit. Once released from this locked position, the antenna immediately begins acquiring satellite signals and can be adjusted for optimal reception. The iQue 3600a features Garmin’s Que technology, a set of integrated applications for mobile navigation. The company has added several new or enhanced Que applications to the iQue 3600a — beyond those for road navigation, including mapping, turn-by-turn routing, locating points of interest, trip computing, and satellite acquisition — to fit the needs and expectations of today’s pilots.