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Garmin publishes API Library

Kansas, USA, 29 May 2007: Garmin International announced the Garmin Developer website dedicated to software developers and content providers who want to make their website, applications and data content compatible with Garmin navigation systems.

The Garmin Developer website provides both free and licensed Garmin resources and a library of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), toolkits and web services offering six products: Garmin Communicator Plugin, MotionBased Web Services, Content Toolkit, Garmin PeerPoint Messaging System, Garmin LBS Toolkit and Fleet Management Interface.

The Garmin Communicator Plugin API:
It is a browser plugin and JavaScript support code that allows developers to transfer location data – such as waypoints, track logs, maps and points of interest (POIs) – to and from a website and Garmin device. The benefit of this service to the retail consumer is that the API will simplify loading location data to a Garmin GPS.

Garmin Content Toolkit:
This lets developers compile secure POIs for Garmin GPS devices. Developers can then market this content to customers of Garmin products, creating an entirely system of content, devices and customers to enhance the capability of GPS devices.

PeerPoint Messaging System:
With this developers can look into Garmin’s location message format and send latitude and longitude information to phones running the Garmin Mobile XT application. The individual who receives the location message will be able to save, view or route directly to the specified location with Garmin’s directions.

Garmin LBS Toolkit:
This will help developers to add location-based services to any Java-based mobile phone application. The LBS Toolkit incorporates Garmin’s navigation API, local search, real-time content delivery services and mobile advertising delivery services into single platform.

Garmin Fleet Management Interface:
This will enable fleet tracking, messaging, dispatch and navigation directly on Garmin’s portable navigation devices, such as the StreetPilot, nuvi and zumo series. The Fleet Management Interface also enables direct-to-driver communication via text messaging, as well as instant re-routing with “new destination” message prompts.

MotionBased Web Services API:
This will enable developers access to the same GPS content that MotionBased.com customers will make use of. This new service will enable third-party websites to store, manipulate and display Garmin GPS data with little or no development.

For more information visit www.garmin.com