Garmin found infringing patents

Garmin found infringing patents


Germany: Garmin Ltd., a maker of mobile mapping and satellite-guided navigation systems, said in a statement that a German court found it infringed two patents owned by Japan’s Pioneer Corp.

The company said that it has revised its software to step around the infringement issue and expects to be able to continue selling its products. It has also filed a case in German patent court in Munich seeking to invalidate the Pioneer patents.

“The ruling by the District Court of Düsseldorf regarding the narrow functionality at issue does not change Garmin’s view that that Pioneer’s patents do not cover any important features found in Garmin’s modern navigation products,” Andrew Etkind, Garmin’s vice president and general counsel, said in the statement.

In addition, the company said this month that the US International Trade Commission ruled that Garmin’s products didn’t infringe any of three US patents, Pioneer was attempting to assert. The ITC can issue orders barring importation of products that infringe others’ patents.