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Garmin debuts pilot-friendly GPSMAP 196 portable navigator

Garmin International Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd.has announced that would be introducing the GPSMAP 196 a fast, crisp, feature-rich aviation portable GPS device for pilots and flight instructors. The company will unveil the product at AirVenture 2002 in Oshkosh, Wis., as the latest addition to its popular line of pilot-friendly portables and said the GPSMAP 196 not only was shipping, but would also be sold at the show — the world’s largest gathering of pilots.

The GPSMAP 196 continues the legacy of the popular GPSMAP 195 aviation portable and will replace it in Garmin’s lineup of aviation handhelds. The GPSMAP 196 provides a second layer of situational awareness for pilots, allowing them not only to see their position along a route on an electronic map that integrates Jeppesen and general landmark data, but also view GPS-derived ground speed, altitude, vertical speed and turn coordination. Pilots will see the same robust mapping, intuitive software and ease-of-use interface that initially attracted them to the GPSMAP 195. But they will also notice large leaps in performance: Twice the redraw speed and twice the screen resolution.

Innovative Features:

Garmin has added an automatic logbook feature to the GPSMAP 196 that enables aviators to answer three important questions – when, where, and how long. The internal logging system is GPS-derived and stores the date, points of departure and arrival, day/night flight conditions, and total duration of flight. As an added benefit, Garmin has developed FlightBook software that allows pilots to upload data from the automatic logbook and enter aircraft information, procedural comments, instrument approaches, landings, and VFR/IFR daytime conditions. A printout helps to organize pilot and flight instructor records. The software can be downloaded from Garmin’s website in August.

The GPSMAP 196 also incorporates runway extensions on the internal map database. Similar to a localizer function on an approach plate, a runway extension appears as a “cone” on the basemap. It helps the pilot to find an airport, the appropriate flight path and the landing pattern alignment — an especially helpful tool on hazy days in congested airspace or when flying into an unfamiliar airport.

The GPSMAP 196 also provides easier access to aviation data using a highlighting function. For instance, when the pilot moves the cursor to an aviation icon and highlights a particular VOR or NDB, the identifier, name and frequency is displayed. The pilot can then tune the frequency on their avionics without having to search further.

Cross-Platform Capabilities:

The GPSMAP 196 also combines the user interface of the popular GPSMAP 176 marine portable and the versatile GPS V mobile navigation device to create a GPS navigator that is easy to move from the cockpit to an automobile or boat.

The GPSMAP 196 has built-in automotive capabilities like automatic route generation, turn-by-turn guidance, and audible alerts that make driving a snap. Simply input a destination and the device calculate the shortest or fastest route using the internal basemap of highways and thoroughfares. Then it guides the user through a series of turns, alerting him or her when it is time to turn or when he/she is approaching the destination. The optional auto kit includes two mounts, a USB data card programmer, a 64-MB data card and the MapSource City Select CD-ROM for detailed mapping and address look-up capabilities for cities in either North America or Europe.

Pilots with a passion for boating or sailing will appreciate the marine mode on the GPSMAP 196 — especially with a worldwide marine database and U.S. tide data. When coupled with the optional marine kit (USB data card programmer, 16-MB data card, and BlueChart CD), the GPSMAP 196 displays such information as depth contours, inter-tidal zones, spot soundings, wrecks, navaids, port plans, restricted areas, cable areas, anchorages and much more. And they shouldn’t worry about getting the unit wet; Garmin engineered the GPSMAP 196 to be waterproof.