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Garmin charges into the two-way radio market with ‘RINO’ GPS Devices

Garmin International Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. has introduced its first two GPS-enabled handheld devices for the Family Radio Service (FRS) and high-performance General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) markets — the RINO 110 and RINO 120. These GPS devices integrate radio functionality to provide two-way voice communications up to two miles using FRS channels and up to five miles using GMRS channels. Inspired by the distinctive offset FRS and GPS antennas that give the devices its Rhinoceros-like appearance, Garmin designed the RINO series as powerful, robust Radios Integrated with Navigation for the Outdoors. They are also the only waterproof two-way radios on the market. What really separates the RINO from the rest of the FRS/GMRS herd is the ability to “beam” your exact location to another RINO user within a two-mile range. Garmin has received a waiver from the Federal Communications Commission, making it possible for the company to provide “peer-to-peer position reporting” on the RINO series using the FRS spectrum. Garmin also has a patent pending on this technology. So you can transmit your location to a friend or family member, and they can see the distance and bearing from your position to theirs on a RINO display. In short, this could be a life-saving feature in an outdoor emergency by helping rescuers pinpoint your location or it could be used simply for rounding up the family at an amusement park.