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Galileo to offer software-based GNSS to CEVA

California, US: CEVA, the leading licensor of silicon intellectual property (SIP) platform solutions and DSP cores, and Galileo Satellite Navigation (GSN), a developer of multi-system GNSS receiver technology, announced a partnership to offer software-based GNSS solutions for the CEVA-XC and CEVA-TeakLite-III DSP platforms. These solutions are available today for demonstration, on real silicon with integrated RF, and consume as low as 10mW in a 40nm process node.

“GSN”s software-based approach for satellite receivers perfectly complements our DSPs, offering customers the ability to add GNSS capabilities to any CEVA-powered SoC design,” said Eyal Bergman, vice-president of product marketing at CEVA. “The availability of GSN”s software on our CEVA-XC DSP further reinforces the strength of our software defined radio (SDR) modem strategy for advanced communications,” he added.

“CEVA”s DSPs deliver outstanding performance per watt for implementing our GNSS receivers, providing customers with the ability to easily upgrade their designs to include future satellite systems including Beidou, GLONASS and Galileo via software,” said Ronnen Edry, vice-president sales and marketing at Galileo Satellite Navigation. “With no additional silicon costs and at a low cost of deployment, this software-based solution results in a very compelling approach to implement satellite functionality in many products where it otherwise might be impractical,” he added.

The GSN GNSS receiver running on a CEVA DSP consumes very little power – as low as 10mW in a 40nm process – and has the ability to work in lower rates, or “snap-shots” for ultra-low-power mobile scenarios. The solution delivers a tracking sensitivity of -165 dBm, offering a seamless GNSS experience in challenging environments.

Source: Sacbee