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Galileo team successfully tracks encrypted CS signals

Europe: The European GNSS Agency recently announced that its proof-of-concept team has successfully tracked and demodulated data from encrypted signals of the Commercial Service (CS) from available Galileo satellites.

Over a 10-day test period the receivers in Poing, Germany and Tres Cantos, Spain showed successful tracking of encrypted E6-B and E6-C signals.

Carlo des Dorides, Executive Director of the GSA says, " The Commercial Service has the potential to improve the performance of existing location services for all user communities and therefore will be a key element of Galileo’s service provision." It will also help further enhance the Galileo’s economic added-value in the downstream markets.

Galileo Commercial Services will deliver a range of added-value features, including positioning accurate to decimetre level and an authentication feature, both of which allow for the development of innovative applications for professional or commercial use. The Galileo CS is expected to start in 2016. the nature of the imagery is to make it within the ambit.

Source: GSA