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Galileo satellites fired into wrong orbits

Soyuz-rocket-launching-Galileo-satellites-photo-credits-ESAFrance: The twin navigational satellites Galileo 5-6 suffered a launch malfunction and got positioned into wrong orbits on Friday August 15, 2014 from the French Guyana Space center.

The three-stage Soyuz booster seemed to operate normally before a Fregat-MT upper stage took over to position the spacecraft in a targeted medium Earth orbit.The European Commission, which is responsible for the management of the satellites, said it was evaluating the situation very closely.

The European Space Agency(ESA) in its release later said, "Following the announcement made by Arianespace on the anomalies of the orbit injection of the Galileo satellites, the teams of industries and agencies involved in the early operations of the satellites are investigating the potential implications on the mission."

The ESA, however, clarified that both satellites have been acquired and are safely controlled and operated from ESOC, ESA’s Operations Centre in Darmstadt, Germany.

Source: ESA